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Act with Confidence in a Complex Market...We Lead You Through the Profitability Maze!

Convenience Development Corp (Condevco LLC) is the one stop you need to make for top-notch expertise in Petroleum Wholesaling, Convenience Retailing and Brand Marketing.

Are you are fuel supplier, jobber or investor in these fields?

Contact us now for management, training, marketing and analysis help. We operate in the US market and worldwide, helping chains and operators to optimize efforts to maximize profitability. PMPA experts and operators of distribution and dealership networks overseas, we can help you get the most out of your volumes.

We use our copyrighted C.O.R.E.³© (Said Core Cubed) method to evaluate, suggest adjustments and innovations, and address your firm’s performance from three different perspectives; most importantly: 1) your customers, 2) your associates and field managers, and 3) Upper management and investors. We will help you succeed.

We know the best-selling products, why they are winners, and when and how they are distributed and priced. We merchandise each section of the store for maximum sales power. Whether convenience staples everyone expects or new and innovative products, you get the best way to sell them.

We are accomplished Executives with domestic and international experience in successfully leading varying operations, P & L Responsible, Product distribution and marketing experts, including developing and building multiple brands and concepts from scratch, including successful Fuel and Convenience Brands.

We have been involved in leading management roles for 30+ years, building businesses from inception or start-ups to market leaders. We provide Financing Proposals, Business Plans, Brand Creation and Development, Proprietary Foodservice and Fuel and Fleet supply and management consulting.

We have advised some of the biggest names in Energy, Retailing and Finance, and are ready to help you, too.

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What we do for you!

Top-notch fuel marketing            • Visionary Leadership               • International Branding                  • Expert Witness Services     

Budget/Revenue Forecasting       • Innovative Store Design           • Distribution chain experts            • Risk Management

• Organization Building                 Organizational Restructuring     • Training & Mgt. Development      • Public and Media Relations

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